Advantages of a Cloud Phone System vs. On-premise

Customer: Mission Medstaff


Founded: 2009

Joined SoundCurve: 2015

Employees: 350

Mission Medstaff

Mission Medstaff is an accredited home health care provider based in North Carolina. They focus on providing the highest nursing standards and are dedicated to quality care for their clients. We spoke with Matt Hampton, one of the administrators and the person in charge of securing services for the company. Mission Medstaff has multiple locations and the phones are always ringing: high quality phone service is absolutely imperative to run a smooth and efficient operation. Their business’ success depends on communication between offices and with their clients. In early 2015 Mission Medstaff started transitioning their offices’ phone systems to SoundCurve from an on-premise PBX services by another provider. “We are very dependent on our phone system” – Matt Hampton.

Upgraded to the Cloud

Mission Medstaff was referred to SoundCurve by another company in the medical industry who suggested a cloud based system to alleviate the issues they were experiencing with their on-premise PBX. Mission Medstaff was dependent on their IT professional to come in and make changes on their local PBX phone system in person. “Our old In-house PBX’s at each location caused a lot of problems. Whenever we needed to modify the system or had an issue our outside IT person would need to actually come in to fix or troubleshoot. Each change required several days at a minimum and there was always a cost associated to each visit.” – Matt Hampton. Standard phone support is included in SoundCurve service plans and the response time is not dependent on a person arriving at your location. All changes can be done remotely. Change requests and other supper requests can be responded to in real time and are almost always resolved within a few minutes. Mission Medstaff also benefits from the upgraded features SoundCurve’s service offers. “This new system offers more flexibility”- Matt Hampton. “Phone functions and guides are easy to follow and implement.” – Matt Hampton

SoundCurve Adapts As Your Business Changes and Grows

Our customers have found that expanding their phone system is much easier with SoundCurve than with other providers. Whether adding a single user or adding 100 users, the amount of time and thought required on our customer’s part is minimal. Adding a user is as simple as sending us an email or making a quick call to a dedicated sales rep usually with no hold time. We send new phone(s) out on us –customers only need to plug the phone(s) in after arrival. There are, of course, many options to integrate the new phone(s) into the call flows but even the most complex only takes a few minutes. “Everything has been a lot easier from the administrative perspective, if I don’t know how to change or

Highly Recommended for the Medical Industry

SoundCurve phone solutions are the perfect fit for businesses in the medical and dental industry. Mission Medstaff is a great example of a SoundCurve Customer that saw a drastic improvement in functionality, ease of use, cost effectiveness and customer support. “ I would most certainly recommend SoundCurve to any other business, especially in the medical industry.” Says Matt Hampton, “Our SoundCurve rep and other support staff were constantly available to help with phone and network assistance during set up and the switch over for each office.” SoundCurve continues the same level of dedication after the system has been set up and fully deployed. “Lives can be on the line, reliability and easy access to support via our rep is crucial.”- Matt Hampton.