Why Choose SoundCurve For Your Construction Business?

We have designed custom phone systems for dozens of Construction businesses across the country. While doing so we identified common themes and used them to build out of the box solution for Construction: mobility, ease of use, and near instant customer service. In the Construction industry, your staff doesn't have time or necessarily the technical know how to learn how to use a complicated new site. Your phone system needs to just work . Our expert team will set up your office staff with an easy to use phone system, and equip your field reps with easy to use custom mobile solution. If you ever have changes or need help our US based agents are only a call away with average hold times under 2 minutes.

Our Customers Say

SoundCurve has become a lot more than just a phone carrier for my team at ECC. Our phone system is an integral part of our business so being able to reach out to the SoundCurve support team for quick changes and fast support has been a valuable part of their service. We simply don't have time to wait on hold for 30 minutes like you do with pretty much any other phone company. We have a lot of projects and moving parts so being able to transfer calls out to people in the field easily has been essential. The menu system they created for us has been key to making incoming calls more efficient. If you're in the construction industry and looking for a better phone system then my first call would be to the team at SoundCurve, they've helped a lot!"
Chad Baker
Chad Baker
Owner, Elite Concrete Coatings

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