Controlling Caller Bounce – A Key To Increasing Customer Retention

A Lower Caller Bounce Rate Leads To Increased Sales

A Well Designed Auto Attendant Menu Can Make All The Difference!

When choosing and designing a telecommunications service for your business, understanding how your customers initiate contact with your business is a crucial step. Many consumers initiate a search for a service or provider on a search engine like Google and will call down a list of service providers until a live representative is reached. If a customer cannot reach your company or your business has a high caller bounce rate for calls answered, your company will lose business. A key barometer for increasing sales is retaining customers. If a customer is unsatisfied in the process of establishing communication with your company, they will not continue through to the sales process.

Simplifying The Caller Initiation Process

Potential customers are more discerning, have a shorter attention span and are less patient than ever before. If they experience any resistance in the buying process, they are likely to do business with another company. It is of utmost importance when designing the VoIP system for your business that you make the process as simplified as possible for your customers so as to avoid caller bounce. Requiring customers to leave messages and having lengthy hold times will be perceived by potential customers as resistance and may lead to loss in sales. Larger providers will sometimes design their phone system in this way to weed out callers and to get people to give up. This is not what you want for your business if your company relies on sales to grow.

Simplifying Caller Navigation

If your organization depends on constant sales, it is usually better to have a live person answer the phone. Sometimes however, organizations like to employ the use of Auto Attendant Menus.  If you wish to employ this feature, care has to be taken in the design of your menu.  Overly complex Auto Attendant Menus can be another contributing factor that may result in a high caller bounce rate for your business. If customers cannot easily navigate the menu, they will lose patience with your business and give up. Statistics show that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95% so it is incredibly important to design a VoIP solution that is as simplistic as possible.

Find An Experienced VoIP Provider

With customer retention and controlling caller bounce rates being crucial to increasing sales for your business, it is important to fully think through the design of your VoIP system. Your VoIP system should be designed with the customer in mind. The goal of your VoIP service should be to simplify the caller initiation process, to increase response rates and decrease caller bounce rates. Not only can SoundCurve help you design and implement the perfect phone system, we understand the customer process and recognize the importance of our customers being able to reach us in a timely fashion. Our hold times are usually less than 2 minutes. We value the time of our customers so we take all measures to make sure there is very little resistance when you call in.