Free Business class features available to all of our customers

Auto Attendant
Give the appearance of multiple departments with customizable phone menus. Route calls to the appropriate extension or even your cell phone.
Local Numbers
Establish a local presence in any US and Canadian market with our broad selection of local numbers.
Ring Groups
Send calls to multiple phones, including cell phones.
Mobile App
Select from an array of compatible iOS and Android apps and take your business communications anywhere.
Do Not Disturb
Send all incoming calls directly to voicemail when you want privacy.
Professional Greetings
Add a professional touch to your phone system with studio recorded greetings. Your first greeting is free.
International Calling
Dial dozens of countries for competitive per minute rates.
Call Transfer
Transfer calls to another extension or an outside phone number with the press of a button.
Call Waiting
Place multiple calls on hold and pick up new incoming calls with Call Waiting.
Caller ID
View incoming caller's phone numbers and name (if sent by caller).
Call Whisper
Monitor your staff's calls and speak only to them. The other party on the call won't be able to hear you.
Voicemail to Email
Receive your voicemail in your email as a file attachment. Easily access them and listen while you are on the go.
Toll-Free Numbers
Create a professional appearance with a toll free number.
Web Portal
Manage your settings, voicemail and call records via our web portal.
Local Calling
No need to dial an area code when calling local numbers.
Cell Phone Forwarding
Easily forward calls to your cell.
After Hours Greetings
Set up a completely different call experience, including an after hours greeting, when your business is closed.
Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.
Music on Hold
Callers on hold will hear our selection of music. You can also send us your own music.
Call Screening
Know who's calling before you answer. Send rejected calls immediately to voicemail.
Caller ID Blocking
Block incoming calls based on their caller ID. You can also block your own caller ID for outbound calls.
Call Barge
Monitor calls between your staff and your customers and join the call with a push of a button.

Premium Features

CRM Integration
View your caller's full profile in your CRM when you receive calls. View your call history and recorded calls in your CRM. Place calls directly from your CRM. Supported CRMs: Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, ConnectWise CRM. Use our API to integrate with any other CRM. Call for Pricing.
Text Messaging
Send and receive text messages using your SoundCurve number. Starting at $5.99/mo.
Call Recordings
Call Recording: record your calls and download them from our website for up to 30 days. Starting at $9.99/mo.
Studio Recorded Professional Greetings
Add a professional polish to your phone system with our studio recorded greetings. Starting at $19.99 per greeting.
Custom Music on Hold Mixing
Mix in custom messages to your hold music and inform your callers about key services while they wait on hold. Call for Pricing.
Send and receive faxes directly from your email. You can also keep your fax machine and send/receive faxes as you're used to. Starting at $12.99/mo.

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