Why Choose SoundCurve For Your Health Care Practice?

We've worked with several of our Health Care clients across the U.S. to specifically understand their needs. We can provide a custom call flow that directs incoming calls to the right person, mailbox and automated message. Get your patients the information they need via call flow automation while freeing your receptionists and Nurses to interact with the callers who need it. Have a lot of phone traffic? Place callers in to a hold queue where they will hear custom messages dictated by you and recorded by our voice talent in our professional studio. If you ever have changes or need help our US based agents are only a call away with average hold times under 2 minutes.

Our Customers Say

With over 100 healthcare professionals in 2 locations (Beverly Hills and Torrance, CA), Soundcurve understands the patient-centered business environment Premier Infusion Care operates. As a PBX system service provider, they’ve taken crucial steps to ensure minimal down in our system performance – especially in the planning and deployment of our Disaster Recovery procedure. Given Chris’ technical caliber and Ira’s customer-focused background, the Soundcurve team has been able to deliver at an impressive service level (on and off hours). As an IT Director, I recommend Soundcurve to any small to medium-sized healthcare organization.
Michael F. Castillo
Michael F. Castillo
Rhamil Rana, IT Director. Premier Infusion Care

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