How It Works

Step 1: Plug-in Your Phones
Un-pack your free phones and connect them to your router with the ethernet cable provided.Tip: not enough ports on your router? Each phone comes with an ethernet in port and an ethernet out port. Connect your phone to the router and your computer to the phone's ethernet out port to "Daisy Chain" them.
Step 2: Customize
A SoundCurve on-boarding expert will work with you to set up and test your call flows until they work exactly as you want them to.Our tech experts know our vast array of features best and will make recommendations to ensure your phone system meets it's highest potential.
Step 3: Bring Your Numbers to SoundCurve
No need to select new numbers and update cards, websites, etc. SoundCurve will port your numbers for free.Need new numbers? Select from our massive inventory of local and toll free numbers.

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