How It Works

SoundCurve's IP Phones, your Internet Service, and our Cloud System work together to provide a 21st Century Phone Service.
SoundCurve IP Phones
Say goodbye to your phone bill for good. Your brand new, modern IP Phones will use your existing Internet connection instead of your phone jacks.
The SoundCurve Cloud
No more clunky PBX in the Utility closet. Your Call menus, greetings, voicemail and phone numbers are all hosted by us in the cloud. Your new SoundCurve phones connect directly to our Cloud system via your existing internet service.
The Traditional Telephone Network
SoundCurve's Cloud bridges your new IP phones with the United States telephone network. This technology allows you to ditch the telephone providers of the 20th century and use our modern, flexible, low cost phone system for all of your phone service needs.

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